Is this the Spot of the Year 2019?

Is this the Spot of the Year 2019?

Just a few minutes after the New Year we were surprised to see this amazing spot of the Ferrari 250 GTO by spotter PACOCANO90. Back in August the 250 GTO was sold at auction for $48 million, a record.The 250 GTO model made its debut in 1962 and was the pinnacle of development of the 250 GT series in competition form.Will this be the Spot of the Year 2019? We don't know, and with this promising start we hope to see a lot more very eclusive cars on our site.

On its first outing at Monza in September 1961, prior to the Italian Grand Prix, the 250 GTO earned the nickname ‘Il Mostro’ (The Monster), due to its rough-hewn and ill fitting prototype body. During test sessions, Stirling Moss drove the car to record times far better than those ever achieved by a 250 GT ‘passo corto’. A ‘palace revolution’ followed later in the year, and Bizzarrini found himself on the outside, with refinement of the GTO body entrusted to Sergio Scaglietti, who created its definitive shape.

The power unit was essentially a 250 Testa Rossa specification version of the Colombo single overhead camshaft per bank 3-litre V12 engine, with bore and stroke of 73 x 58.8 mm, but using dry sump lubrication, with factory type reference 168 Comp/62. The spark plugs were outside the vee of the block, and there was a bank of six twin choke Weber 38 DCN carburettors, with a twin coil and rear of engine mounted distributor ignition system, to produce a claimed 300 bhp.

The engine was coupled to a new 5-speed, all synchromesh gearbox, with an open gate gear-change tower in the cockpit, similar to that used on the sports racing models since the mid-fifties, driving through a propeller shaft to the rigid rear axle, fitted with a Watts linkage. As befitted its intended competition use, a wide range of rear axle ratios was available.

The overall shape of the aluminium bodies designed and built by Scaglietti changed very little during the production period from 1962 to 1964, apart from a one-off example bodied in the style of the 330 LM Berlinetta. The last three cars in the series received Pininfarina-designed and Scaglietti-built bodies of a style very similar to that used on the mid-engine 250 LM sports racing car. Four earlier cars were also re-bodied in the later style during 1964. Although the overall body shape didn’t alter to any great degree, the detail differences during the production run certainly did.

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