• Topspot: Porsche Panamera Turbo TechArt Grand GT

    Topspot: Porsche Panamera Turbo TechArt Grand GT The crazier the better! That is most certainly the case with this TechArt Grand GT, and when the design alone doesn't turn heads, the chrome wrap certainly does. The chrome finish doesn't suit every car, and in some cases it is hurting the eye. But I must say that it actually works on this TechArt Grand GT. But taste is something personal, and probably not everybody will agree. Read more

  • Pagani Huayra Lampo inspired by 1954 Fiat concept car

    Pagani Huayra Lampo inspired by 1954 Fiat concept car Earlier this week there was an exclusive party at Garage Italia Customs to introduce the Pagani Huayra Lampo. Lampo is the Italian word for lightning and the car is build in honor of the Fiat Turbina, a 1954 concept car. After six years of development, Fiat introduced the car propelled by a gas turbine. The Turbina has held the record for lowest drag coefficient (0.14) for 30 years. Due to problems and overheating, the project was short lived and the (one and only) car can be found in the Fiat museum in Italy. Read more

  • Spotted: Chiron in Doha, Qatar

    Spotted: Chiron in Doha, Qatar The Bugatti Chiron comes in a wide variety of colors and material combinations. This owner made the right choices, at least in our opinion. The black exterior combined with the blue details and carbon finishes make the Chiron look stunning. The Chiron is popular in Doha, the capital city and most populous city of the State of Qatar. Word on the street is that there are at least 8 Chirons! Not sure if you have booked your next vacation yet, if not, a trip to Doha might be a great "spotting" destination. Read more

  • McLaren Senna: the ultimate road-legal track car?

    McLaren Senna: the ultimate road-legal track car? McLaren calls it the ultimate road-legal track car, and time will tell if it deserves that title. With the Aston Martin Valkyrie and AMG Project One as its direct competitors, it will be fascinating to see what car will cross the finish line first in a head to head race. These three cars are seriously pushing automotive technology to new heights. The cars have a different focus than the "Holy Trinity of Supercars, the Porsche 918, Ferrari LaFerrari and yes, the McLaren P1. Read more

  • Lamborghini Urus makes its film debut

    Lamborghini Urus makes its film debut After seeing many teasers, we were finally introduced this week to the Lamborghini's Urus, the successor of the legendary LM002. The livestream introduction was not a success, at least not from a technical perspective. To make up for it Lamborghini released this movie with the Urus making its debut. So lean back and ENJOY! Read more

  • Topspot: Bugatti Chiron in Miami Beach

    Topspot: Bugatti Chiron in Miami Beach The Chiron was spotted this week in Miami Beach, in the United States. Based on the license plate this is once again a factory owned car. When observing the US spec car, you will notice the two lumps of rubber on the back that, in our view, ruined the design. The critics are already skeptical about the design and this just adds another element to it. The color is striking on this Chiron and the exclusivity, performance and the heavy price tag of the car still make this a Top Spot. Read more

  • First spot: Dodge Durango SRT

    First spot: Dodge Durango SRT You have a family of 6 and the Jeep Grand Cherokee doesn't offer enough seats, here is your answer: The new Dodge Durango SRT. This is the first spot of this American Muscle SUV and it was spotted in Kansas by spotter OPspotters. The Durango brings a huge burst of American muscle car power, acceleration and best-in-class tow capability to the three-row SUV segment, the fastest SUV in its class. Read more

  • Spot # 800,000: Porsche 991 GT3 MkII

    Spot # 800,000: Porsche 991 GT3 MkII Time flies, and what started as a small community for spotters, to share their car pictures, has developed into a world-wide database for exclusive cars. The very first car on our site is a Aston Martin DB7 Zagato that was spotted in Le Mans, France. It was a special moment when spot #800,000 was uploaded earlier this week. The spot that was number 800,000: Porsche 991 GT3 MkII spotted in Düsseldorf, Germany. Thank you for all your uploads and lets get to spot #1,000,000! Read more

  • It's finally here, the Lamborghini Urus

    It's finally here, the Lamborghini Urus A super sports car soul and the functionality typical for an SUV: this is Lamborghini Urus! Lamborghini calls the Urus a Super Sport Utility Vehicle, the World's first. Identifiable as an authentic Lamborghini with its unmistakable DNA, Urus is at the same time a groundbreaking car: the extreme dimensions, the pure Lamborghini design and the outstanding performance make it absolutely unique. Read more

  • Topless: The new BMW i8 Roadster

    Topless: The new BMW i8 Roadster The first-ever BMW i8 Roadster takes the BMW i8’s combination of locally emission-free mobility, high-caliber performance and adds the top-down driving experience. The Roadster offers a whole new sensation of freedom, opening the door to virtually silent driving with zero CO2 emissions and bringing an extra edge of purity to open-air driving. Read more

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