Will this be the most beautiful BMW ever?

Will this be the most beautiful BMW ever?

Okay, it will be hard to top the classic BMW 507. But times have changed and the 507 was an icon for it's time. Today's technology, safety requirements and new emission standards all contribute to a new era for the automotive industry, and that means that there will never be a car like the 507. So what might be the most beautiful BMW of this era, perhaps it is this new M8!

Momentarily BMW is testing the new M8 on the Nürburgring. After seeing the new M8-series Gran Coupe concept in Geneva and this copy on the Ring, we expect that the production version will be very similar to both cars. Emotionally compelling exterior design combines the core values of BMW M with elegance and luxury; dynamically stretched proportions; bonnet with muscular contours; large air intakes; Salève Vert paint finish appears to change in color, combines with gold-coloured elements; visually prominent shoulder sections; CFRP roof; rear with powerful, imposing presence; concept study previews the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe and BMW M8 Gran Coupe, which will be presented in 2019.

Wordt dit de mooiste BMW ooit?

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